Welcome to our humble camp.

photo of camp

Our camp is available for your hunt and we encourage ranch camping during your visit. We do not schedule other hunts during your time with us so the camp is very private. Our camp is large, private and very clean.

The camp includes a camp trailer, running water, restroom, hot shower, enclosed dressing area, gas cook stove, gas lights, barbecue, fire pit, outside iron beds, tables, chairs, sinks, game care areas and shooting areas. We have room for large RV's but no hookups. The camp area is large, secluded and surrounded by cottonwoods, live oaks, arroyo willows, and wild roses.

We try our best to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Staying on the ranch means you don't have to drive here in the morning or drive back to town at night.

Interested? See our Information Request Form.

Lodging beyond the Ranch

Other options for lodging.

another photo of campAs we stated above, we encourage ranch camping because you do not have to drive early in the morning to get here or drive back to a room in the night if you stay on the ranch. But there are rooms available about 30-40 miles away, depending on whether you drive north or south.

King City - about 30 miles North

Paso Robles - about 40 miles South

See Links page for more info on King City and Paso Robles.