The Cattle Herd

A working family ranch.

Brindle horned cow and black calf

Pancho Rico Creek Ranch is a family cattle ranch consisting of about 250 head of crossbred cattle. We run three cow-calf operations under three brands and we sell our cattle at the local livestock market.

We are always busy feeding, gathering and processing cattle, if we're not already busy building fence or doing one of the other many activities that go into running cattle. We come from a long line of ranchers and are very proud to be continuing the tradition.

This year we have been working very hard on the ranch. The lack of rain last year and this year means that we have to feed a lot of hay everyday. We are hoping for a much better year coming up and we need some rain.

photo of a red and white calf
Red cow with calf

Currently we have a lot of baby calves on the ground and are looking forward to a green Spring, hopefully.


White cow with black calf